Hugh Jackman Wants You To Drink Better Coffee

A new documentary is exploring the importance of consuming good and certified fair-trade coffee. To many who are just now learning about socially responsible coffee, this is news, but for us at Caffé Etc., however, this has always been the way we do business: we only serve coffee that serves a purpose.

Actor Hugh Jackman wants you to drink better coffee. Image by © Anders Overgaard/CORBIS OUTLINE

Actor Hugh Jackman wants you to drink better coffee. Image by © Anders Overgaard/CORBIS OUTLINE

The movie counts with Australian actor Hugh Jackman as its main star and its message is one that our staff supports.

While only 5% of the coffee sold in the United States is Fair Trade certified, many consumers continue to purchase products without the proper certification. According to the documentary, the coffee you’re purchasing and consuming daily could be doing harm to the planet. But only if you don’t drink coffee with us!

To make sure fellow coffee drinkers understand the risks, Jackman decided to participate in the film and even launch his own line of coffee.

While you can catch the film, Dukale’s Dream, at the theaters now, you can always catch the perfect cup of certified fair trade, organic, and shade-grown coffee right here at Caffé Etc.

gardensThanksgiving Coffee: A JUST Cup

At Thanksgiving Coffee, the company that provides Caffé Etc. with excellent coffee beans, coffee is a passion. To the Caffé Etc. staff, coffee is a passion and a way to make the world a better place.

According to the Thanksgiving website, making sure the beans come from the right growers is essential:

“We purchase only from small scale farmer co-ops, which in many coffee growing countries are the building blocks of emerging democracies. We know that quality of life and quality of coffee go hand in hand. When a farmer loves their trees, flavor potential is optimized. If their harvest provides enough money for food, clothing and shelter, access to education and health care, the farmer will love their trees. And quality of life will translate into great coffee flavor.”

So what are you waiting to stop by?


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