#CahuengaCrossing Is Here, Have You Stopped By?

In Hollywood, a group of small businesses and individuals has decided to show residents and tourists just how nice it’d be if the city offered more green, open spaces.

The effort is known as #CahuengaCrossing precisely because it was born right here, on Cahuenga and Selma Ave., across the street from Caffé Etc.

To the business leaders of the community, the idea serves as a way to urge the city and other businesses to open more green living areas where people can stop by to hang out, read, or simply take some time to appreciate the green space.

Seeing an smiley face is enough of an incentive  to make us, and everyone else involved in this project, extremely happy.

If you haven’t had the time to stop by and check the space, please do! And when you do, take a photo and share it on Instagram with the hashtag: #CahuengaCrossing. The more the merrier!



Our Customer’s Art Has Been Made Into A Beautiful Stamp Collection

Here at Caffé Etc., we pride ourselves in having customers who become our friends.

Some of the most artistic, talented, and innovative Hollywood minds come to the cafe to think, work, discuss their craft, or simply relax as they try to unwind before going home.

During their stay, they often talk to us.

Sharing personal stories or simply talking about current issues with our customers is something we love to do—and they love it too! Recently, one of our beloved customers shared an incredible story about his work with us, and we decided to blog about it.

Art Takes Time

Michael Doret had a goal: see his art as part of a USPS stamp collection. And guess what? It happened!

Back in 2002, Doret was contacted by Richard Sheaff, Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee’s art director and design consultant. At the time, Sheaff asked Doret to work on stamps that celebrated American fruits and vegetables. The set would come with six different designs. Some of the finalists included sweet corn, pineapple, grape lemon, cabbage, and persimmon. Doret and Sheaff decided to reference vintage seed packets, fruit crate labels, or catalogs. But instead of looking into mimicking the design, Doret decided to simply assimilate the overall attitude of the vintage-style graphics while representing them in a unique form.

The work was performed, but the stamps were never produced.

Tomatoes_FinalBut while the project did not see the light of day for years—even after all the hard work he put into it—Studio A’s art director Antonio Alcalá contacted Doret to discuss another stamp project.

In May of 2012, Doret and Alcalá agreed to use Doret’s original work for the new project, a decision that pleased the artist.

Shortly after Alcalá presented Doret’s old work to the ones in charge, the artist was finally contacted again. The second time around, the answer was positive! The project had finally paid off, and Doret would see his beautiful designs on a stamp collection after all!

After certain changes, the artist produced five final designs. Only the old sweet corn design stayed mostly intact, others he developed for the Studio A included designs of cantaloupes, squashes, tomatoes, and watermelons.

Once completed, the series was called “Summer Harvest.”


Doret wrote in his blog that when he started working on the new project, he wanted to shake things up.

“While the earlier stamp designs held together because they all shared my aesthetic vision, it became clear that the new stamps were going to need to be much more uniform in approach, sharing similar design elements and color palettes. This made the challenge a little more difficult than the first series, but I decided that despite the uniformity challenge, I would still want to differentiate them as much as possible. So one thing I did was to give each of them their own distinct lettering style.”

So, are you ready for the beautiful designs Doret created? Check them out below and buy them here.


Hugh Jackman Wants You To Drink Better Coffee

A new documentary is exploring the importance of consuming good and certified fair-trade coffee. To many who are just now learning about socially responsible coffee, this is news, but for us at Caffé Etc., however, this has always been the way we do business: we only serve coffee that serves a purpose.

Actor Hugh Jackman wants you to drink better coffee. Image by © Anders Overgaard/CORBIS OUTLINE

Actor Hugh Jackman wants you to drink better coffee. Image by © Anders Overgaard/CORBIS OUTLINE

The movie counts with Australian actor Hugh Jackman as its main star and its message is one that our staff supports.

While only 5% of the coffee sold in the United States is Fair Trade certified, many consumers continue to purchase products without the proper certification. According to the documentary, the coffee you’re purchasing and consuming daily could be doing harm to the planet. But only if you don’t drink coffee with us!

To make sure fellow coffee drinkers understand the risks, Jackman decided to participate in the film and even launch his own line of coffee.

While you can catch the film, Dukale’s Dream, at the theaters now, you can always catch the perfect cup of certified fair trade, organic, and shade-grown coffee right here at Caffé Etc.

gardensThanksgiving Coffee: A JUST Cup

At Thanksgiving Coffee, the company that provides Caffé Etc. with excellent coffee beans, coffee is a passion. To the Caffé Etc. staff, coffee is a passion and a way to make the world a better place.

According to the Thanksgiving website, making sure the beans come from the right growers is essential:

“We purchase only from small scale farmer co-ops, which in many coffee growing countries are the building blocks of emerging democracies. We know that quality of life and quality of coffee go hand in hand. When a farmer loves their trees, flavor potential is optimized. If their harvest provides enough money for food, clothing and shelter, access to education and health care, the farmer will love their trees. And quality of life will translate into great coffee flavor.”

So what are you waiting to stop by?

We Serve Coffee That Serves a Purpose, Here’s Why

At Caffé Etc., we only serve coffee that serves a purpose.

This may sound crazy to you, but we’d like to see a better world where we assume peace is the only way to solve our problems, not war. That’s one of the many reasons why we carry Thanksgiving coffee.

The family-owned company was created to link small coffee farms and cooperatives with consumers in California. The artisan coffee roaster finds the best coffee there is around the world and roasts it locally. Its goal is to promote sustainability while serving you one of the yummiest cup of coffees you will ever taste in your life.

By now you may be asking yourself why we’re talking about Thanksgiving. Well, that’s easy: we really love them! But there’s one more reason for this blog post. We’d love to talk about two blends we have for sale at Caffé Etc. that you should take home right away.

But there’s one more reason for this blog post. We’d love to talk about two blends we have for sale at Caffé Etc. that you should take home right away.


Mirembe Kawomera

The first blend we recommend is the “Delicious Peace,” or “Mirembe Kawomera” light roast.

From Thanksgiving Company’s website:

“In 2003, JJ Keki, a Ugandan farmer, walked door-to-door asking his Muslim, Christian, and Jewish neighbors to put aside old differences, confront their challenges together, and find a better price for their coffee. His neighbors agreed, and together, they formed the Peace Kawomera Cooperative. Theirs is the story of a community who risked everything—their farms and their livelihoods—to build a more prosperous future, and peace.

The 1,032 farmers of the Peace Kawomera Cooperative produce beautiful Arabica coffee on the slopes of Mt. Elgon, in Eastern Uganda. Rich volcanic soils, antique varietals, and the farmer’s craft combine to produce a coffee that is rich and full-bodied, with distinctive hints of vanilla and nutmeg, and a nutty sweetness.

We donate 25 cents per package to the Peace Kawomera Cooperative to support schools, business development, and quality improvement.”

This single origin coffee has a sweet body and a subtle perfume of fresh vanilla bean that hide a whole lot of power. Its full-body taste is complemented by hints of nutmeg and pecan. How can you not love it?

Save Our Wolves

The Save Our Wolves dark roast is more than just a bag of coffee. It supports the work that Defenders of Wildlife does to ensure wild wolves and the habitat where they thrive are protected.

From the Thanksgiving website:

“Rich, chocolaty, and intense Save Our Wolves Dark Roast is perfect for lovers of strong coffee and the work that Defenders does every day to protect wildlife habitat and endangered species.

Featuring the finest Shade Grown, Fair Trade, and Certified Organic coffees from the Matagalpa and Jinotega regions of Nicaragua, Save Our Wolves Dark Roast supports family farmers, migratory bird habitat, and critical tropical ecosystems.”

So what are you waiting for? Stop by for a visit to learn more about our coffees!

A Very Hollywood #ThrowbackThursday

For our  #ThrowbackThursday, we decided to dig up some articles mentioning some of our most prominent customers. In the process, we found out that some of them even mentioned us, too!

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 9

What a surprise!


While Amber Rose was still expecting, she would come to our cafe at Hollywood and Selma to chill.  Then, the Daily Mail shared some photos of our dear customer in one of those rare moments of tranquility spent here at the cafe.


You know where that is, right? Photo via: http://www.dailymail.co.uk


The proud mamma to be was always a lovely patron, and we’re very proud to have been featured in the article!

Here are some more pictures from the Daily Mail report:


Wasn’t she a great-looking mom-to-be?


The Genius Behind Teye Guitars

It’s no secret that Caffé Etc. sells Teye guitars. The incredible craftsmanship behind these items makes these beauties some of the most beloved guitars among artists who take their music seriously.

According to the official Teye Guitars website, these items are not manufactured out of sheer desire to sell out like so many other brands, they are made to inspire:

“Teye™ guitars are hand made in Austin, Texas to inspire you with great tone and playability. All series are made from scratch in Teye’s workshop featuring the same construction, wood, tuners, and all guitars come with the Teye™-shaped pickup rings, and with a Teye™-bridge and -tailpiece.”

Teye, a Dutch guitar player known for his flamenco-style work is also the man behind these guitars. In the 60s, Teye learned to play the guitar, which provided him with a world of possibilities. After moving back and forth between home and England, Teye went back to the Netherlands where he found himself playing  in several rock and roll bands before learning classical guitar.

Look at that hair! Image from Teye.com.

Look at that hair! Image from Teye.com.

In the 1980s, Teye moved to Andalusia where he had the opportunity to play flamenco with some of the greatest in classical Spanish music. In time, Teye would not only be a great name in music himself, he would also develop a guitar building technique of his own.

In the 1990s, Teye moved to Texas where he started his shop. The passion for music and for Andalusia continues to live in Austin where Teye produces the musical gems appreciated by so many of the greats.

That’s the story behind the guitars we sell at Caffé Etc.

Are you curious to know more? Stop by and we’ll let you play a tune or two!


Why We Carry Mountain Valley Water

Everything we offer customers at Caffé Etc. is good for them.

Not only because we have the most delicious healthy food and most yummy organic coffee in Hollywood, but also because everything else we serve — including bottled drinks and sodas — is top quality.

Let’s face it, where else in Hollywood would you be able to find the only bottled spring water allowed anywhere near Elvis Presley?


Yes. That’s a Mountain Valley bottle of water in his hand!

According to the official Mountain Valley Spring’s website, “you can see a supply of Mountain Valley that was delivered to him on display” at his Graceland home to this day! But that’s not Mountain Valley’s only claim to fame. According to Wikipedia, every single president from Calvin Coolidge to Bill Clinton served this very water to their guests at the White House.

Frank Sinatra was also a big enthusiast of the brand!

Water That Heals

According to Wikipedia, the Mountain Valley spring water was tested after the Food and Drug Administration accused the company of exaggerating the benefits of drinking the spring water.

The result of some of these tests showed that the water’s low-sodium content was beneficial to consumers. The tests also demonstrated that patients with rheumatism, kidney, or liver disorders all experienced health improvements after being exposed to the product.

Did the FDA end up forcing the company to change its marketing strategies? Of course not! After all, the water appears to actually be great for you!

If you have any doubts about these claims, you’re more than welcome to visit our cafe at Hollywood and Selma Ave. in Hollywood, grab a meal, and get a taste of what we are talking about. You can also catch a glimpse of it by watching Parks and Recreation!


See you soon!

Study Confirms: Drinking Coffee Lowers Melanoma Risk

The LA Times has recently reported something that we happen to think you might be interested in knowing: coffee consumption has been directly linked to lower melanoma risks.That’s right, drinking great coffee can also help you to stay away from skin cancer! From the LA Times:

“A new study suggests that drinking coffee could reduce the risk of developing melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, by as much as 20%. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health and the Yale School of Public Health found that the more coffee people drank, the lower their melanoma risk.”

That’s not the only thing the study found out. According to the news source, only caffeinated coffee was found to have links between consumption and lower risks of melanoma.

How Does It Work?

According to the study, the chemistry in coffee is much more complex than we ever imagined it to be:

“…bioactive compounds in coffee suppress UVB-induced skin cancer by protecting against oxidative stress and DNA damage in cells and by reducing inflammation in epidermal cells. And caffeine, the researchers say, taken both orally and applied topically, has been shown to absorb ultraviolet radiation, “functioning as a sunscreen.””

If this study proves truthful, people like you and us at Caffe Etc. have even more incentives to drink more coffee. After all, coffee is one of those beverages that both taste delicious and do wonders to our health.